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Special thanks to:

Pepperminty creators and the community to bring this wiki, otherwise i would have to code everything.

Everyone at HelioHost for helping create the server, it wouldn't be possible without them.


  1. Why not make fandom page or join one of the mediawiki?

Customization and freedom to code in the file are the two drawbacks when joining. I could not change the code in one of the mediawiki groups and fandom is fill with ads, everyone just hates it (also i dont want ads to show up that may take away customers...)

  1. Why did you pick Pepperminty instead of mediawiki

The server only has 2GB, i can not waste 50mb just to add advance stuff that wont be used often. I only plan to upload pictures and write text, everything else like video will be linked to Peertube or other free open source locations.

  1. Anything else plan for this Wiki?

Yes, I do plan to add a blog so people can check on the progress of the game so you never have to use other social media sources that block your access. Maybe a forum if i can find a way to code it inside this place.